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Why Do Auto Insurance Rates Continue to Rise?

These are the factors that can affect your Auto Insurance Rates. Check this out!

  1. Repair Costs: Continued supply chain issues, pricier parts and labor market pressures have driven up repair costs.
  2. Vehicle Prices: Prices for new and used vehicles remain high, due to supply chain woes and a focus on pricey models and features. Plus, top-of-the-line 2021 models are now today’s used cars.
  3. Inflation: We’re all spending more for most goods and services than we were a year ago. Those higher prices are the main driver for rising insurance costs.
  4. Pricier Parts: Cameras and sensors keep us safe, but cost more to replace if damaged. Some common vehicles have 30+ pieces of tech not present on older models.
  5. Labor shortages: Repair technicians are in high demand. In 2022, just 4,500 grads from post-secondary collision programs were available for 35,000 entry-level jobs.

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