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Dear Robert,

We write to you today to thank you for your support of our 2023 Raffle for Rainbow. Our raffle began as an experiment three years ago, during a year unlike any other, and has turned into an annual event that
continues to grow each year!

Your sponsorship of $1,000, along with other sponsorships, donations, and ticket sales, enabled our shelter to raise over $20,000! These funds will enable us to continue providing the stellar services we have provided to women for decades, as well as help us establish our young adult shelter, the first of its kind in Montgomery County.

As we finish contacting all our Rainbow Place Raffle winners and hear their joy, we are struck by the amazing community in which we live. We are incredibly grateful to the community as a whole, and you in
particular, for the amazing support we have received. Thank you so very much for your faith in Rainbow Place Shelter.

Nina Blecher Director of Development | Olusina Adebayo Executive Directorof Rainbow Place Shelter

Dear Klinger Insurance Group,

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington – Germantown Branch would like to thank you for your generous and kind donation of $1000.00. We appreciate your support to our youth and the community.

The mission of Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington is to help boys and girls of all backgrounds, especially those who need us most, build confidence, develop character and acquire the skills needed to become productive, civic-minded, responsible adults.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington – Germantown Branch

Dear Bob and Klinger Insurance Group,

Thank you very much for your recent donation of $1,000.00. As I write this, we currently have over 70 patients in our care - with more arriving daily. Your support will be great help to us in providing everything necessary for expert emergencies medical care, feeding, and the strengthening and conditioning needed for precious wildlife to be released back to nature.

In addition to already exceeding the total number of patients admitted in all 12 months of 2022, we also have admitted more species than last year - 125! Our Clinic Director and Wildlife Veterinarian possess the vast amount of knowledge needed to provide customize medical, nutrition, and physical rehabilitation plan for each. Some of the less
common species admitted already in 2023include: Doubled-Breasted Cormorant; Tundra Swan; Eastern Wood Pewee: Five -line skink; Diamond Back Terrapin; Virginian Rail; Eastern Kingbird; Lesser Scaup, and more.

Bob, we deeply appreciate all that you do and your team do for us!

Maureen Smith | President

Dear Bob:

Thank you for your generous gift of $1,000 to Warrior Canine Connection (WCC), received on October 3, 2023. It’s gifts, like yours, that make it possible for WCC to help wounded Warriors reconnect with life, their families, their communities, and each other through the healing power of very special dogs.

WCC is a pioneering organization that utilizes its Mission Based Trauma Recovery model to help combat Veterans and their Military Families heal. WCC enlists wounded Warriors in a therapeutic mission to train Service Dogs for fellow disabled Veterans. In doing so, participants take part in an important military-support mission, receive therapeutic benefit themselves, and also help provide more highly-trained Service Dogs to be placed with Veterans.

As one Army spouse told me—these Service Dogs are literally changing lives. “Those who love a wounded Warrior might wonder sometimes when, or if, their Warrior will ever truly be home. In this year together, we have seen frustration intercepted. Nightmares averted. Anger redirected. Triggers conquered. Sleep attained. Apathy vanquished. Social ties reconnected. Laughter, focus, comfort, joy and peace returned. Our war is not over, but through the selfless and undying devotion, hard work and loyalty that Cadence (WCC Service Dog) gives our family, we are continuing to heal together. And it is a wondrous thing.”

Already 7,200 of our troops have been served by Warrior Canine Connection’s programs and services, but there are so many more who need and deserve our help. Thank you for being a part of this important work. With kindest regards,

Rick A. Yount Executive Director, Warrior Canine Connection

Certificate of Appreciate

is hereby presented to

Robert S. Klinger

In grateful recognition of your generous contribution and support to

Tahanan NG Pagmamahal Chidlren's Home, Inc.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and Trustees, staff, volunteers, and all the children whose lives you have touch.

Maraming Salamat po!

Give on this 8th day of November 2022 at Pasig City, NCR, Philippines.

Grace T. Lumawig, Vice President | Ernila M. Valdez, Executive Director

Dear Robert,

Thank you for supporting the life-changing work we do through your generous donations of $500.00 made to the Tree House CAC on 06/01/2020. Without wonderful donors, like you, we would not be able to provide the services and resources children and adolescents, and their families, who may have been victims of sexual abuse, physical abuse, and/or neglect, need to recover from the trauma they have endured. You are making a positive difference in their lives, and for that, we are extremely grateful!

At The Tree House Child Advocacy Center we are dedicated to reducing trauma and promoting healing for child and adolescent victims and their families. We have provided services to over 10,000 children and adolescents, and their family members, since we began services in 2002. All services are provided free of charge in a child-friendly environment by professionals with expertise in the field of child abuse and neglect and trauma.

Again, thank you for your donation and support of the Tree House.

Thomas Grazio, Director

Dear Sir,

On behalf of Operation Second Chance, Inc., I would like to personally thank you for your generous tax deductible donation of $1,000 dollars towards Operation Second Chance. Your donation in support of the many sacrifices made by our wounded, injured and ill veterans is very much appreciated.

As we celebrate more than 16 years of service and with your support, together we will continue to change lives, one hero at a time. Though the wars are winding down, we are reminded daily that our veterans face a life time of recovery and will continue to need our support.

We encourage you to check our site https://operationsecondchance.org frequently for updates and events, as we have lots of exciting things planned from fundraisers to outings with our heroes. Additionally, the greatest compliment you can give us would be to share our mission with your family and friends.

Stephanie Albrecht Military Family Support & Liaison

Mr. Klinger,

Thank you so much for the lunch you provided to the officers of the 5th District. During these challenging times it is good for the morale to know that they are supported by a large portion of our community. Thank you!

Captain Plazinsia

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