6 Tips to Keep Your Business Data Safe and Secure

Technology and the internet make our life easier. Through the use of technological advancement, internet connectivity and digital platforms connecting people across the globe have become fast, convenient, and easier. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit around the globe, technology helped us to continue our life and work and do many things virtually such as business meetings, education, shopping, socializing, and banking. Mostly, all transactions happen online that’s why it’s important to protect all vital information and keep your business data safe and secure.

Tip #1. Use a Strong password and practice good password management. Password is one of the favorite targets of hackers. Make sure you and your staff use strong passwords. Avoid using simple passwords like 123456, abcdef, or any other searchable information. Make sure it’s long and complex and choose combinations of upper and lower-case letters, use special characters, symbols, and numbers and update at least every 60 days. Manage your password by using a password manager. In addition, to strengthen your password turn on two-authentication on your devices.

Tip #2. Watch out for suspicious attachments and links. Cybercriminals are very resourceful and will often use phishing scams and use trusted corporate entities to send email scams.  Be vigilant when clicking on any attachments and links within an email.

Tip #3Install antivirus and anti-malware and firewall protection. Make sure all software is updated and scanned regularly to ensure your devices aren’t compromised.

Tip #4Review your accounts and credit reports once a year. If you notice any suspicious transaction, contact your banks, credit bureaus, and police to report the issue.

Tip #5. Back up your data. Create a duplicate copy of your data regularly and store it in a lockable place or safe vault. 

Tips #6. Get Cyber Liability Insurance. As a business owner, you insure your business against losses — but is your liability protected against a cyber break-in? Many businesses overlook this crucial coverage and end up paying millions in damages to customers. Don’t let that happen to you. Cyber Liability Insurance is an insurance policy that protects you and your business from data breaches and other cybersecurity issues.

What Does Cyber Liability Cover? 

  • Protect yourself from the theft of client information
  • Protect your business from cyberattacks, ransomware
  • Protect yourself from cyberbullying and cyberstalking
  • Insure your Cyber Liability Exposure
  • Reimbursement for Notification and Regulatory Expenses
  • Business Interruption
  • Crisis Management Expenses
  • Litigation Expenses

By using these tips, you can keep yourself and your business ready for the worst possible scenario.

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