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10 Guidelines for Responsible Pet Ownership

Pet ownership is a privilege that should result in a mutually beneficial relationship. Pet
ownership comes with responsibilities. Among these are:

1. Provide your pet with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise.
2. Make sure your pet is up to date on all vaccinations and veterinary check-ups.
3. Spay and neuter all pets to help reduce overpopulation.
4. Socialize your pet from an early age, to help them get used to people and other animals.
5. Respect your pet’s boundaries and never abuse or neglect them.
6. Make sure your pet is wearing proper identification at all times.
7. Clean up after your pet and respect public property.
8. Practice positive reinforcement when training your pet.
9. Respect local laws and regulations, such as leash laws.
10. Provide your pet with a safe and comfortable home, with plenty of toys and activities to
keep them entertained.