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32 of the Best and Most Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas

  1. Have a romantic picnic in a special spot and surprise your partner with a ring.
  2. Take your partner for a hot air balloon ride and pop the question in the sky.
  3. Create a treasure hunt that leads to a proposal at the end.
  4. Rent a billboard and place your proposal on it.
  5. Take your partner to a secluded beach and propose in the sand.
  6. Put the ring in a box of chocolates.
  7. Take your partner on a horse-drawn carriage ride and propose at the end.
  8. Rent a private boat and float out to the middle of a lake to propose.
  9. Have a personalized song written and propose while it’s being performed.
  10. Go on a hike and propose at the summit.
  11. Get a skywriter to write out your proposal in the sky.
  12. Take your partner to a concert and propose during the show.
  13. Go for a romantic walk and propose in a picturesque spot.
  14. Have your pet wear a collar with the proposal written on it.
  15. Propose at a famous landmark.
  16. Have a band play at your proposal.
  17. Have the proposal written in the snow.
  18. Take your partner for a scenic drive and propose at the destination.
  19. Take a hot air balloon ride and propose once you’re in the air.
  20. Propose in a restaurant in front of all the other diners.
  21. Propose while scuba diving.
  22. Propose in a park after a romantic walk.
  23. Create a video proposal and post it online.
  24. Have your friends and family write down their marriage advice and put it in a box with the ring.
  25. Propose during a game of charades.
  26. Propose at a hockey game in front of thousands of fans.
  27. Have your proposal projected onto a building.
  28. Sunset Marriage Proposal
  29. Propose during a romantic dinner.
  30. Have a flash mob dance around your partner and propose at the end.
  31. Propose while parasailing.
  32. Have your proposal written in the sand.