November 2022

Business Insurance to Protect Your Veteran-Owned Company

One essential aspect of running a business is having adequate insurance coverage to protect your interests. The type of business insurance you need to protect your veteran-owned company will depend in part on the nature of the business you are operating.

Did You Know?

We are a veteran-owned agency. Bob Klinger, President/CEO of Klinger Insurance Group served as a captain in the army in Iraq in Operation Iraqi Freedom.


100 Favorite Do-It-Yourself Christmas Decorating Ideas

  1. Cue the Do-It-Yourself Christmas Crafts
  2. Start at the Front Door
  3. Festive Up the Front Porch


Easy Ways to Winterize your Home

  1. Check your roof and eavestroughs
  2. Shut off your outside water supply
  3. Trim Vegetation


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