Manufacturers must secure comprehensive insurance coverage to address the unique challenges they encounter in their operations. Within the manufacturing industry, risks encompass equipment breakdowns, product recalls, and product liability claims initiated by consumers.

Our experienced agent at Klinger Insurance Group in Germantown, Maryland, is well-equipped to assist you in ensuring that your manufacturing business possesses the necessary coverage.

Diverse Coverage Options for Manufacturers:
Manufacturing business owners have access to various insurance options. Commonly sought-after coverage for manufacturers includes:

Business Liability: In situations where a consumer sustains serious injuries due to a manufactured product, it can result in severe financial repercussions for the manufacturer. Business liability coverage offers protection against product liability claims.

Commercial Property: Business property coverage proves invaluable when unforeseen events such as fires, windstorms, or other incidents occur, safeguarding your inventory, facility, and manufacturing equipment.

Workers’ Compensation: In many cases, manufacturers are legally obligated to maintain workers’ compensation insurance. This coverage encompasses medical expenses and partial wage reimbursement for employees affected by work-related illnesses or injuries.

Commercial Auto: Auto insurance is essential for all company vehicles, including trucks, vans, and other corporate-owned automobiles.

Professional Liability: Also known as Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance, this coverage shields your business from damages arising from alleged negligence or the provision of improper advice.

Determining the Cost of Manufacturer Insurance:
The cost of manufacturer insurance is subject to fluctuation, contingent on several factors, including the type of manufacturing business, the value of the insured property, the selected coverage options, and the unique characteristics of the business. Our agent at Klinger Insurance Group is committed to assisting you in securing the appropriate coverage at a rate that aligns with your company’s financial capabilities.

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