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Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance Germantown MarylandIf you are planning a wedding, there is an invaluable insurance coverage just for your big day. Wedding insurance protects the bride and groom during the planning stages as well as on the day of their nuptials by covering important details like the dress, location and much more. If you are getting married, be sure to consult with a Klinger & Associates agent to discuss this valuable coverage.

Most weddings cost an average of $25,000. By insuring your special day, you will have peace-of-mind that if something goes wrong, you can get reimbursed for your losses. Below are some of the coverages a wedding insurance policy would provide. Be sure to ask a Klinger & Associates agent for details on other coverage options.

  • Dress: Covers repairs or replacement of the wedding gown or the groom’s tuxedo in the event they are lost or damaged.
  • Deposits: Covers deposits to vendors that go out of business, file bankruptcy or fail to show up for your wedding.
  • Rings: Covers repair or replacement if the bride or groom’s rings are lost or damaged.
  • Weather: Covers postponement of wedding due to inclement weather like hurricanes.
  • Transportation: Covers postponement of wedding if the bride and/or groom can not get to the venue.
  • Photos: Covers photos that can not be developed due to defective film, negatives that are lost or damaged.
  • Call to duty: Covers call to active military duty causing postponement of wedding.
  • Gifts: Covers damaged gifts.
  • Illness: Covers wedding postponement if there is a sudden illness of the bride and/or groom.
  • Venue: Covers bride/groom in the event that the venue requires liability insurance and someone in the wedding party is injured.
  • Liquor liability: Covers liability claims resulting from alcohol related incidents.

Wedding insurance is relatively inexpensive and can provide an otherwise costly safeguard if something unexpected occurs to interfere or postpone your special day. Consult with a Klinger & Associates customer service representative to discuss wedding insurance.