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What is the Best Time to Purchase Life Insurance?

This guide will give insight into the best time to buy life insurance.

1.      When You’re Young and Healthy 

It’s ideal and wise to buy life insurance when you are young and healthy. The rates of life insurance are cheaper, coverages are easy to get and insurability for the future. By having a life insurance policy, you can protect your loved ones especially when you have siblings and an aging parent who depends on you, it can also help you to pay off your debt and student loans and it leaves a legacy for your family after you pass away.

2.      When You Get Married One of the life milestones is to get married. It is beneficial to get a life insurance policy after you get married. The married couple usually plans financial expenses, develops a joint lifestyle, planning in buying a house and starting a family. Life insurance can help you to pay off your mortgage and it helps you and your spouse to keep debt-free. Additionally, it can also cover end life expenses such as memorial services, burial, cemetery, and medical expenses many more. 

3.      When You have Baby and Start Expanding your Family If you’re planning to start expanding your family and having a baby, it great time to get life insurance. It can cover childcare expenses such as nanny and daycare. Day-to-day expenses like transportation, tutoring, school lunches, and educational trips. It also helps you to pay off future education expenses for your kids and it helps you to maintain your family lifestyle. 

4.      When You’re Older and Still have Commitments It’s ok to get life insurance when you are old and especially if you still have commitments. Life insurance can help you if you have children who depend on you and who suffer from a physical or mental disability. It can also help you to replace wages lost from employment. Pay off your medical expenses and secure your retirement and it can create a legacy for your loved ones.   At Klinger Insurance Group we provide affordable and comprehensive life insurance coverage.

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