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Welcome Back, Priscylla!!!

Priscylla1It is with mixed feelings that we welcome Priscylla Ramos back. While we are extremely happy to have her back for a few weeks while she heals, we are sad the reason she is back is because of an injury.

We are very proud to announce that Priscylla was able to complete her U.S. Army National Guard basic training. However, during Priscylla’s advanced individual training, she was injured. Priscylla is so close to finishing, we hope she heals quickly so she can complete her training and physical.

Welcome Back (Temporarily), Priscylla! We are very happy to have you back, but sorry you are hurt! We hope you heal quickly so you can complete your National Guard training. We know how hard you have worked to get there.

We at Klinger Insurance Group believe in the citizen soldier. We are a strong supporter of the military and are proud to be able to support Priscylla during her military training!