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Ways to Honor Women’s History Month

As March slowly ticks on, it’s important to remember that this month is Women’s History Month. March is used to celebrate and remember the accomplishments and sacrifices of women in our past and present and how they’ve revolutionized the world we live in today. There are many examples of powerful women who have changed the course of history—perhaps too many to list. Instead, we want to focus on the women who may not receive recognition and how we as people can support them. Here, we will discuss how you can support the women in your life and observe Women’s History Month on a more personal and community-based scale.

1. Volunteer with your local women’s shelter
Many noteworthy women come from very disadvantaged backgrounds and have overcome those odds to make history. However, there are even more women who struggle to overcome those odds and need support. One of the best ways to support the women who need it most is to volunteer or donate to your local women’s shelter. Women visiting shelters are often victims of domestic violence and are trying to rebuild their lives. We believe that supporting these women in their hardest hour can help provide them the footwork to make change in the future.

2. Support women-owned local businesses
Did you know only 36% of business are women-owned and 99.9% of women-owned businesses are considered small businesses? It’s important to support not just local businesses but also women-owned business as well. Despite a small percentage of businesses being owned by women, women-owned businesses employ over 8.4 Million workers and generate $264 billion in payroll. Women-owned businesses is large and continues to grow and we believe fostering that growth is important. Whether it be purchasing from a woman-owned store in your neighborhood or supporting your favorite woman-artist by commissioning a piece of work, try to support the women who inspire change in you and your community.

3. Thank the women in your life
As we mentioned before, there are many women who have made a major impact on history as we know it and it’s important to reflect on the incredible changes they have made. We also believe it’s important to thank the women who aren’t often in the spotlight and who inspire change on a more personal scale. Mothers, Sisters, Aunts, Teachers, Bosses, Friends, and Mentors are all responsible for various change in a person’s life. Inspiration doesn’t have to, and often doesn’t, come from a well-known person but rather someone who influences our every-day life. Take a moment to thank the women who mean the most to you and inspire you to be a better version of yourself.

While these are not all the ways to celebrate and commemorate Women’s History Month, we certainly think it’s a good start. Even just reflecting on the change women have throughout history is important and can build a good foundation for the women of tomorrow. Remember that we all need support in order to flourish and providing the women in your life support now can help lead the way for many more women to follow.

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