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Top Tips in Choosing The Perfect Doggie Daycare

We know how much you care and love your dogs. You always want to ensure their health and happiness, even when you’re not around. Choosing the perfect doggie daycare is important to ensure the safety of your pet and will give you the peace of mind that you need when you’re not with them.

Here’s What You Need to Look for In A Doggy Day Care:

1. Friendly and Professional Staff

– Check the online reviews this is the best source of honest information.

– Have any of their staff undergone behavioral training?

– Do they have knowledge in handling pet emergencies?

– Ask for the daily schedule for the pets in their facility?

It is important to make sure that the daycare facility that you choose has employees that are equipped with knowledge, experience and will treat your pet as their own.

2. Do They Pay Attention to The Pet’s Health?

Check if the facility is requiring vaccination records for every pet. If they don’t ask you for that information, then they probably don’t ask everyone else. It is also important for them to ask you about possible medical emergencies for your pet like allergies, chronic health conditions, any health issues, or any medications that your dog is taking at the moment.

** Remember that Pet Insurance can help reimburse you for covered veterinary costs.

3. Facility (Accommodations and Play Areas)

Does the daycare have the proper facility to take care of your pet? Make sure that you choose daycare with enough space inside, especially if you have a big dog. Having a play and lounge area is important. Many facilities today have a webcam for you to watch your fur baby on even when you’re away.

It is also significant to ask them how often do they clean and sanitized the following:

– Kennels

– Bedding

– Toys

– Food and Water Bowls

– Shared Activity Spaces (Play Area and Lounge)

4. Price

Many doggie daycares offer a free trial to see how your dog can adapt to the environment and the other pets in the daycare. This will also help you assess if the daycare is pet-friendly and a good fit for your dog. This will also help your dog to have a warm-up session with the other dogs. Once you have chosen a place, inquire about their packages and promos and if they give discounts when you book for a couple of days or refer a friend. The price for daycare varies by region and the services that you will avail of.

In choosing the perfect daycare for your pet it is important to listen to your pet. They may not be able to talk, but be mindful of their reaction to the people, situation, and surroundings, it will tell you whether the daycare is the perfect place for him/her to stay for a couple of days. See their reaction after you pick them up. Are they happy? agitated? stressed? scared? uncomfortable? this will help you to choose the perfect doggie daycare.

With these top tips, you are now armed with knowledge in choosing the perfect place to leave your pet with ease and peace of mind.

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