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5 Things to Remember When You’re Adopting A Disabled Pet

disabled pet

When choosing the perfect pet for your family there are a lot of things to consider. If you opt to adopt a disabled pet, the love and care you give to the pet can come back to you tenfolds.

Here are the things you need to consider when adopting a pet with a disability:

1. Long-term Plans for Your Disabled Pet – If your pet is still young then you need to think of the extra effort you need to give in the future to take care of your pet. Disabled pets have special needs that require more commitment and determination.

It is ideal to have a work schedule that permits you more hours you can put toward caring for the pet if needed. It is also wise for you to consider your long-term condition whether your employment will still be the same and will you still be able to take care of your growing pet in the years to come.

2. Everyone should be willing – If you have a family or living with your other family members then it is important for everyone to be aware of your decision to adopt a disabled pet. Be honest with everyone in your home as they may need to make some necessary adjustments to their lifestyle. Be sure that you are committed and willing to devote extra energy and time to take care of your disabled pet. It is also important to consider that your disabled pet might cause some anxiety or frustration for everyone and this might affect your pet as well.

Disabled pets are having a difficult time finding a loving home that will adopt them. There are instances that some disabled pets are brought back or bounced around if things don’t work out. The last thing they need is to have false hopes. Make sure when you adopt the pet that you are ready to commit to them.

3. Financial Stability – Some disabled pets need you to purchase medical supplies. It is good to set realistic expectations before adopting a disabled pet. Some may need long-term medications, medical equipment, or a surgical procedure and special training. Having pet insurance can greatly help you pay for new health conditions that can arise in the future. (**No pet insurance covers pre-existing conditions) That’s why preparing for the future condition of your pet and the possible expenses is important.

4. Your Health Status – Assess yourself whether you have a healthy body and the stamina to take care of another living animal with special needs. In the event that you are unable to, will there be someone else you can count on to take care of your pet? The needs of a disabled pet can change over time and as your pet grows it demands more physical effort from you.

5. Ask for help –  If you adopt a disabled pet you can join communities or online social media groups that can provide you support and the extra knowledge that you need.

Don’t get discouraged by challenges that you might face by owning a disabled dog, but prepare yourself for the hard work and responsibilities that ownership brings on. Always make sure you can give proper care to the animal before adopting. Having a great veterinarian and amazing pet insurance, will help with any medical problems.

Having pet insurance can give you peace of mind, knowing that you can afford vet visits.

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