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Key Practices for Preventing Food Allergic Reactions in Restaurants

Whether you are dining out, or taking out it’s always a fun time eating food with your friends and family.

Sadly, not everyone can enjoy restaurant meals with their family. People who suffer from severe food allergies can experience extreme and painful reactions when dining out.

What is a Food Allergy? 

Food allergies  are the body’s abnormal responses to certain foods in which the body recognizes that food as harmful, and reacts by triggering the immune system.

Facts: Food Allergens Study

Based on a survey from 2007 Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network, 34% of food allergy sufferers endure an allergic reaction while eating at a restaurant.

On most occasions, an allergic event in a restaurant is due to lack of communication on both sides. Firstly, the accountability lies with the customer as they need to inform the staff about their food allergies. Secondly, the accountability lies with the management who needs to uphold food safety standards, and oblige their customers needs.

Are Restaurants Accountable for Food Allergies?

Yes! In some circumstances restaurants are accountable for food allergies. Servers, staff, and management must consistently provide a safe meal to their customers. They should be well educated about the ingredients of their product and the common food allergies. When the server, staff, and management neglect to address the customer concerns or if they fail to take precautions for common food allergies, they can be accountable for the outcomes from the food allergies.

Key Practices for Preventing Food Allergic Reactions in Restaurants

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC suggest some key practices to avoid food allergic reactions in restaurants.

  • List the ingredients for each menu item.
  • Have a plan, take a precautionary measure when serving the customer with food allergies.
  • Educate and upskill the knowledge of your staff on food allergies.
  • Use dedicated utensils, equipment, and areas for cooking and preparing meals for customers with food allergies.

Understanding the key practices, knowledge, and safety measures in food allergies can help your restaurant avoid lawsuits and continuously provide a safe meal to your customers. Tending to customers various food needs can help you keep and build loyal customers.

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