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If A Neighbor’s Tree Hits Your Home, Who Pays?

Springtime March through June were filled with storms, hurricanes, windstorms, and severe thunderstorms here in Montgomery County. These violent meteorological phenomena are accountable for falling trees and limbs cause millions of dollars in damaged roofs, outdoor structures, damaged homes, and other property every year. 

Even after the storms, you must also deal with the tremendous task of cleaning up the damage and figuring out how to put things back together. It’s physically exhausting, emotionally draining, and stressful when you track down that it’s your neighbor’s tree that falls and hits your home. Now what? Is your neighbor’s insurance company responsible to pay for the damages to your home? Or will your homeowners’ insurance policy cover the damage?  

A standard Homeowner Insurance policy can help you covers the cost of removing the tree and covers damage caused by a fallen tree if the cause of loss (peril) such as storms, winds, and hails.  

Regardless of who actually owns the tree, when your home or property damage, you are accountable for the clean-up, damages, and contacting your insurance company to check what type of coverage is available and covered. The same thing for your neighbors,  if your tree falls on their property, your neighbor is responsible for the damage and should contact their insurance company as well if there’s coverage for any damage sustained. The bottom line is your property, your policy, and their property, their policy. Remember, storms, hurricanes, windstorms, severe weather, and hails are natural disasters and aren’t anyone’s fault. As always, an important reminder that every insurance policy is different. 

Here’s the thing.
When a tree falls and hits your home or property due to natural disasters such as storms, hurricanes, windstorms, severe weather, and hails. The best thing to do: 

  • Keep yourself and your loved ones safe. 

  • Take photos or videos and document what happened. 

  • Always check your homeowner declaration policy and take time to know your coverage. 

  • The next step is easy to reach out and ask your insurance advisor for an option for the deductible.
  • Call Klinger Insurance Group at 301-428-4935.

For more information about homeowners’ insurance policy, contact Klinger Insurance Group at 301-428-4935 or shoot us an email at and we’re happy to assist you!