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Hidden Damages After a Fire

Fire is a very catastrophic impact and extremely unpleasant situation for any family. A Fire can destroy everythingloss of house, loss of valuable belongings, property damage, and in worst cases loss of a family member. Even after the fire, you must also deal with tremendous task of figuring out hidden damages of fire in your home.  

What are Hidden Damages after a Fire? 

Soot Damage/Smoke  

Soot is a black powdery substance from burned woods or coal, or metal objects. and is One of the main damages after a fire. You need to be cautious from the smoke odor because it can linger after a fire, and it can also be a health risk for those who have weakened immune systems, This is especially true for children, elderly people, and anyone with a respiratory issue such as bronchitis, asthma, lung condition and shortness of breath.   

Electrical Damage  

Another area that you need to check after a fire is electrical damage. The heat from the fire can damage electrical wires. It also can cause hanging wires, saggy and melting wires, which is very dangerous. In Addition, scattered wires on the ground could be very fatal to curious children. You should also consider asking for some help from a professional inspector to check all the wirings and appliances because damaged appliances and faulty wiring can easily cause another fire.  

 Gas Pipe and System  

One of the most important areas that you need to check is the gas pipe and system. A gas leak can be very fatal, so don’t try to fix it by yourself. If you smell or hear hissing gas, get away immediately and call the fire authority as you reach the safe place. It can cause another fire or explosion that could harm other people.


Usually, mold grows in areas that were affected by water like ceiling, drywall, and insulations. Mold is a risk to your house as well as to your health and it can cause respiratory problems such as asthma attacks, allergy issues, and skin problems.

Water Pipes/ Sewage Damage

Most of you could think that water pipes and sewage are invulnerable to fire, and you are wrong. Immediately take care of the water pipes and sewages especially when the material of your plumbing is made of PVC and other flexible materials. Fire could cause leaks and cracks on the pipes, and it can cause toxic and dangerous carbon monoxide especially for those who have chronic health conditions.  


Cleaning the soot from the attic is also important, because as the fire breaks out and smoke rises and infiltrates the attic, it can affect the quality of air because of the soot/smoke that lingers in this area, and it can affect those who suffer lung problems and respiratory issues like bronchitis and asthma. 

HVAC System Damage  

HVAC Systems are exposed to smoke damage, too. In due course, the smoke can be redistributed to the system, and it can also affect the quality of the air.  

Do not take these areas for granted and save the lives of your family. Suffering from fire damage is emotionally draining and energy and time-consuming. Seek help from our insurance advisors and they will assist in difficult times like these. Call Klinger Insurance Group at 301-428-4935 or e-mail us at