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Goldyn’s Recipe: Adobo

Our recipe of the month is Adobo a Filipino dish made with love. Adobo is a popular dish in the Philippines.

Adobo, in general, can be cooked using different kinds of protein. Chicken is the commonly used ingredient. Have you tried cooking Filipino Chicken Adobo yet? Our tried and tested recipe should be able to help you.

Marinate The Pork Belly In Soy Sauce And Crushed Garlic
The first thing to do is marinate the pork belly in soy sauce and crushed garlic. It is best to marinate it overnight. If time is limited, one hour should be enough. Some like to add vinegar during the process. You may do so if preferred.

Brown The Marinated Pork
Drain the marinade. Save it for later. The marinated pork needs to be browned. Heat a cooking pot. Add pork with garlic. You can also add a few tablespoons of cooking oil. Cook the pork until it turns brown.

Pour Water And Add The Spices
Cook the pork until tender. Do this by pouring the remaining marinade, if any. Also add water. Let the liquid boil.

This is the part where I put the whole peppercorn and dried bay leaves. These ingredients complete my pork adobo. Boiling for 40 minutes should be enough to tenderize the pork. There are times when you have to cook longer.

Add The Vinegar
If you have not added the vinegar as part of the marinade, pour it into the pot and let it cook for 10 minutes. Salt is an optional ingredient for this recipe. Use it only if you think it is needed.

Taste the sauce first so that you know what seasonings to add. Since we already added a good amount of soy sauce, salt might not be needed. However, this depends on your preference. You can also add more water here if you think that then saltiness is on the upper side. Sometimes I also add a dash of sugar to balance the flavor.

Try this Pork Adobo Recipe and let me know what you think.