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Fire Insurance

They say the fire is a type of disaster that does not discriminate. Unfortunately, there is always a chance that fire occurs to your home anytime and for any number of reasons such as cooking, electrical distribution, candle mishap, heating equipment, and smoking materials. Is your home covered? Are you prepared enough for consequences when fires do occur from your home? 

One of the most devastating feelings and nightmares in your life is when a fire breaks out, destroyed all valuable possession and memories of your home. Hopefully, you and your family will be able to safely escape from any harm. We know for the fact you are facing extremely strong emotions from frustrations, sadness, loss, and regrets but at the same time, you are also dealing with enormous tasks on how to put everything back together. It is truly unfair that you should have to make the toughest decision during such emotionally and confusing times

According to the National Fire Protection and Association, annually there is an estimated average of 353,100 residential fires. 

Everything You Need About Fire Insurance 

Fire Insurance provides extra protection and covers the cost of damages to your home property due to a fire. This policy covers the cost of repairing and replacing damaged property and it also protects you from a financial disaster.  

Does Homeowner Insurance Covers Fire Damage? 

Most of the homeowner insurance covers fire damage. It is one of the named perils in your homeowner insurance policy. Named perils are listed on your policy and these are the list of bad things that could happen to your property.  

Examples of Named Perils  

  • Fire or lightning
  • Vehicles 
  • Explosion 
  • Smoke 
  • Theft  
  • Failing Object 

These are the number of reasons that might cause fires in your home. 

  1. Unattended Cooking 
  2. Candle Mishap 
  3. Smoking 
  4. Electric Fires 
  5. Curios Children 
  6. Barbeques 
  7. Faulty Wiring 
  8. Lighting 
  9. Flammable Liquids 
  10. Heating 

A list of standard homeowner insurance coverages may take care of the cost of damage to your home property due to a fire. 

Personal Property 

These are the things that you own such as sports/hobby equipment, electronics, furniture, clothing, and other valuable belongings. This type of coverage can assist you to replace to repair your property after damage due to a fire.  

There are 2 types of personal property coverage: actual cash value and replacement cost. The Actual Cash Value insurance policy only pays for depreciated value while the replacement cost insurance policy pays for the full replacement cost of your belongings. Just make sure you review your declaration policy if you have actual cash value and replacement coverage or contact your insurance advisor to assist you and make changes that fit your needs. 

Dwelling Coverage 

This covers the cost of repair or rebuilds burned portions of your home. Let say, your kitchen burned due to a fire replacement cost can assist to replace your kitchen stuff such as cabinets or other belongings using similar quality whether they were new or old.  

Living Expenses 

This coverage will help you to reimburse your temporary accommodations and food cost around 10% to 30% of the dwelling limits. 

Liability Protection 

For example, when a fire breaks out in your home and spread to your neighbor’s house, and causes damage. This coverage protects you against lawsuits from your neighbor. 

The smart ways to help protect your personal property and home from the fire do not leave unattended cooking, unattended candles and always check the electrical wiring, having a fire extinguisher and smoke detectors in your house. But if a fire breaks out and damages your property fire insurance may help you and your loved ones from financial disaster. 

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