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Electric Bike Insurance

E-bikes, or electric-assisted bicycles, are the next-generation of bicycling with numerous benefits for riders, wallets, cities, the economy and the environment. Intuitively designed with a built-in battery-powered motor attached to every model, e-bikes assist riders through enhanced, semi-motorized pedaling as well as the option for traditional manual biking. Some e-bikes even offer throttle-only power, in which the rider doesn’t have to pedal the bike at all.  Worldwide, over 300 million pedal-assist bikes will exist on roads and sidewalks by 2023 — a jump of over 50% from 2019.  Use of e-bikes is booming for commuting, exercise, eco-friendly errands, and pure fun.  Should you consider getting e-bike insurance? 

What is E-Bike Insurance?  

This insurance policy covers you and your E-bike against road accidents, vandalism, theft, damage, and delicate issues like legal claims and public liability.   

Is E-Bike Insurance Mandatory by Law?   

In the U.S., it is legal to ride an E-bike without insurance but only if it falls within one of the three-tier electric bike classifications systems. Take note that E-bike insurance and licensing laws may vary from state to state. According to the National Conference of State Legislators, there are three classes of E-Bikes.   

Class 1  

  • It is motorized  
  • It has a pedal that can assist up to 20 miles per hour  
  • It doesn’t have a throttle  

Class 2  

  • It is motorized  
  • It has a throttle and pedal that can assist up to 20 miles per hour  

Class 3  

  • It is motorized  
  • It has a pedal that can assist up to 28 miles per hour  
  • It doesn’t have a throttle   

Can Homeowners Insurance Covers Your Electric Bike?  

At some point, a homeowner’s insurance may provide some protection but not that much. It offers limited e-bike coverage such as damage, theft, and liability related to an e-bike because it falls under the motorized vehicle. However, there are various types of homeowner insurance and limits so make sure you check your declaration policy if it’s included.   

Why is it Important to have Electric Bike Insurance?  

Facts: Electric Bikes are expensive and one of your investments. E-bikes are ranging from $1000 with a decent quality entry-level, $3000 with average value e-bikes, and all the way up to $12000 high-end value e-bikes. With an investment like that you might want to consider having electric bike insurance.   

Coverage of Electric Bike Insurance  

  • Theft  
  • Vandalism  
  • Accidental Damage  
  • Spare part losses like battery  
  • Physical Damage  
  • Third-Party Liability  
  • Collision and Crash Damage  
  • Vehicle Contact   
  • Medical Payments  
  • Racing Coverage  

Protecting your investment with the electric bike insurance policy is a good idea to and it guarantees that you will get the coverage you need. The good news about this policy is that it has a wide variety of coverage options and is very affordable and you can customize based on the type and value of your electric bike. Get a quote now and call Klinger Insurance Group at 301-428-4935 or email us at