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How to Care for Your Car

April brings not just showers but car care month as well. We wanted to give you some helpful tips to help take care of your car this month and instill a pattern of taking care of your car in the future as well! Spring Cleaning A Dirty car can attract dirt and grim that can damage your interior and exterior. Leaving salt from the winter... Read Article

What to do if you Come in Contact with Poison

As March hits full swing, we find ourselves in the middle of Poison Prevention month. We wanted you to identify signs of poison and what to do in case of a poisoning. Here are the steps to follow if a poisoning has occurred: If the person inhaled a poison (like inhaling carbon monoxide), it’s important to get the person to fresh air right way. Once... Read Article

Where to adopt a Guinea Pig near Germantown, MD

In honor of adopt a rescued guinea pig month we wanted to give you a list of locations where you might be able to adopt a guinea pig of your own. It’s always best to call ahead and make sure your store of choice sells guinea pigs and supplies before you go:   Store Location PetSmart 20924 Frederick Rd, Germantown, MD 20876 Petco 12960 Middlebrook... Read Article

Delicious Things to add to your Pancakes to Elevate your Breakfast

One of the best parts about being a kid was waking up to the smell of freshly made pancakes on a lazy Sunday morning. While it’s different being an adult, no one is saying you can’t still treat yourself by making delicious pancakes for breakfast. This especially rings true for National Pancake Day! Here are just a few ways for you to liven up your... Read Article

How to Start Saving for your Future

With increasing technology comes increasing costs and decreasing savings accounts. We at Klinger Insurance Group not only want to save you money but we want to help you save your money too. Here are some small tips to help you save that can make a big impact in the long run: Learn your ABCs Actually Commit to your Budget. We often make budgets and spending... Read Article