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Airbnb Insurance: Rental Risks and Airbnb Insurance Tips


What’s AIRBNB?

Air Bed and Breakfast is a rental platform that allows property owners to make money by renting out their properties for a short period of time.

Renting with Air BnB is an easy and effective way to generate income for your property, but it isn’t risk free.

Unforeseen AIRBNB Risks

Sometimes damages occur to properties after hosting a guest. AIR BNB insurance will help you with the costly expenses of guest damages, that most homeowners policies will not cover.

AIRBNB may offer a Host Protection Guarantee for liabilities up to $1 million, but it only covers guests or third party injuries on your property.

AIRBNB Host Protection Guarantee Does Not Cover

-Acts Committed by Intoxicated Adults and Minors

-Pet Injuries

-Damage From Guests

-Bed Bugs

-Vehicle Accidents

-Sexual Assault

-Property Theft



AIRBNB Insurance Tips

When shopping for an AIRBNB insurance policy it is important to identify the level of risk you are willing to accept when renting your property.

Before renting your property on AIRBNB,  first consider having insurance that will cover any potential risks. An AIRBNB insurance policy that covers commercial usage of short-term rentals would provide the necessary coverage.

Although some short-term rental policies may suffice for minimal damages, they cannot provide the extensive long term protection that serious listers need.

Contacting an experienced agent can inform you of the best home owner insurance options to protect your property, and home.

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