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A Guide for New Dog Owners Part 2

It takes a lot of preparation to care for a new pet! Puppies are especially more challenging, as you have to prepare for a dog for the first time.

Follow along with part 2 of, A Guide for New Dog Owners. To learn the new dogs must haves, how to dog proof you’re home, what not to feed your dog, and much more.

At Klinger Insurance we love helping people to better care for themselves and their pets!

New Dog Shopping Must Have

– Bed & Collar

– Tags & Leashes

– Nail Clippers & Toothbrush

– Poop Scooper &  Poop Bags

– Chew Toys & Pet Gates

– Food & Water Bowls & Hair Brush

– Cleaning Supplies & Crate

– Shampoo

Dog Proofing Your Home

– Be sure that electrical cords are hidden out of sight, and tucked firmly away. Household cleaners and poisonous chemicals should be stored in a higher place, or out of reach. Breakables should be secured and kept in a place where the dog can’t reach them.


– Selecting the right diet for your dog is crucial especially for the little ones. It is important not to overfeed your puppy as it can lead to an overweight dog. Overfeeding can also cause problems to their health and physical development.

Dangerous for dogs

The following foods can be harmful to your dogs:

– Alcohol & Avocado

– Bones & Eggs 

– Caffeine & Chocolates

– Citrus & Coffee

– Grapes & Raisins

– Milk & Dairy

– Nuts & – Salty Snacks (like salted peanuts, chips, etc.)

– Onion, Garlic, & Chives

– Xylitol & Yeast Dough

It’s helpful to understand that your dog’s breed will influence their health issues. Knowing what diseases or conditions your pet is prone to, can help you prolonge the life of your pet.

Some new dog owners don’t realize that, similarly to humans, dogs can have expensive medical emergencies. It’s always better to insure your pets, and be prepared when unforeseen events like this occur.

Always consider your financial position, if you think that you can’t afford emergency situations or that they may catch you off guard, then it is better to get pet insurance that can save you money in the long run.

To get more information on what insurance you can get today, call Klinger Insurance Group at (301) 428-4935, or click the link to our website!


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