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5 Random Acts of Kindness that can Brighten Someone’s Day

With the busy world today, things can get hectic and we can forget to be kind to one another. Here are a few tips to help instill kindness in the world:

Pay for the Next Person in Line’s Food

Lunch rush can always be frustrating and time consuming especially if you’re stuck in line waiting for food. One way you can brighten up this mundane task is to pay for the person behind you. In a drive through it’s easy to “pay it forward” or in this case, “pay it backwards” as you tell the cashier you’d like to pay for the next person’s food. Not only will a free lunch be a treat to that person, but you’ll be helping the run times of fast-food workers go down as well!

Leave Positive Sticky Notes for Your Coworkers

Often times, we can often become discouraged and unmotivated in the work place. What better way to combat this than with a few words of encouragement? Leaving nice sticky notes for all of your coworkers can make a regular work day a little brighter and happier. You’ll motivate them while also becoming closer and building a positive work environment

Call a Loved One

We can all get caught up in the rush of everyday life but it’s always important to reach out to the ones we love. If you have someone in your life that you feel you haven’t talked to in a while, give them a call. A simple phone call can bring joy and reassurance to someone you may have lost contact with for a variety of reasons. In addition to making them smile, you’ll also feel good talking to someone you care about.

Send a Good Morning or Good Night Text

The best way to start or end the day is with a text from someone and letting them know you’re thinking about them. Something as simple as “I hope you have a good day!” or “Sleep well!” can put a smile on someone’s face and leave them feeling validated. It also isn’t an out of the way task, as it only takes a few seconds. Taking a less than a minute out of your day to remind someone they’re cared about is a great way to be kind on both ends.

Write a Nice Comment on a Video or Blog Post

We all consume media—you’re consuming it right now! But how often do you just watch a video or read a blog post without leaving feedback? A big part of the creative process is getting feedback on what is appealing and what isn’t. If you’ve stumbled upon something really interesting, consider leaving an encouraging comment for the creator. Positive feedback is always helpful in creating new content you might enjoy!


While it’s important to participate in random acts of kindness week for a myriad of reasons, don’t limit yourself to doing kind things for one week out of the year. Try to take these tasks and incorporate them into your daily life. You never know when someone will need a pick me up or an encouraging thought so it’s best to always be kind.